What is the You Can Too Project?

It is an innovative educational project that in school teaches how to do something to improve the world.
It works on empathy and commitment through teaching the importance of research and sharing.

The You Can Too Project wants children to feel and understand the world they live in and see what their own reality is and the reality of other children. The Project wants them to understand that inequalities can be changed by using a different approach; by truly connecting with oneself and connecting, integrating and exchanging ideas with others. The Project encourages children and young people in schools to learn to investigate, feel and connect with the realities of other children in situations of inequality and be the seed to change education and the world; and it is the students themselves who decide what charity or cause that they want to help.

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It is important that children are fully able to understand the reality of other children who find themselves in difficult situations. In this way, they can share experiences and find out exactly what their needs are.

A commitment is then made to solve one of the problems and a goal set for the amount of money they need to raise to solve the problem.

Possible ways are investigated of how to raise the money, developing their creativity and initiative.

Once the process is complete, all those who have participated in the project ensure that money raised reaches its final destination and solves the problem they had chosen to help.

The implementation and continuation of the Project unites the school, parents and students in a common cause. 


Different resources will be provided to be able to carry out the project successfully.

The Story

The story is based on the Guarani legend about a robin redbreast who, drop by drop, tries to put out a forest fire. The story inspires a little boy to dream about ending the poverty and famine that other children are suffering. He has the idea to give up eating sweets for one day and save the euro he has not spent. He then realises that if all the children in his school did the same thing they could raise lots of money to help children who are hungry.

The Teaching Guide

The You Can Too Project is a flexible and open project which enables teachers and children to adapt it to their school and their own possibilities.

The Documentary

It documents the pilot project in Agora Sant Cugat International School during the 2012/2013 academic year. During the pilot project, the students decide to help construct a classroom in an orphanage in Kenya and the NGO Càritas food kitchen in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

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