We are a group of professionals in the media, arts, education and business management with a common goal – help improve the world around us by adopting the philosophy of education and the motto “What can I do?”.

This philosophy is based on the belief that everyone can do something, however small, to improve the world and the sum of all these things can make the world a better place.

With this at the heart of the Project, everyone involved freely gives their time, work and creativity to develop educational projects to raise awareness and empathy.

The Team:


Anna Llauradó. Writer, journalist and screenwriter.

Jordi Comellas. Executive producer of film and television.

Manuel Mira. Director of video clips, documentaries and film.

Ferran Armengol. Television director.

Joan-Lluís Arruga. Director of publicity, video clips and image.

Joaquim Oristrell. Theatre, television and screen writer.

Lourdes Barnola. Primary teacher.

Ruth Sale. School Coordinator and English teacher.

Mar Galindo. Coach, entrepreneur and responsible for the area of schools.

Montse Baldrich. Literary coordinator and management.

Elsa Egea. Communication and media.

Gisela Sin. Communication and general coordination.

Belén Alemany. Production and communication.

Amadeo Tusell. Web page developer.

Jordi Martí. Web designer and analyst.

Andreu Ferrer. Branding professional.

Cristina González. Business and travel management.

Juanjo Sánchez. Promotor.

Marc Casas. Producer.

Miguel Benavent de B. Coach, writer and business consultant.

Reyes Raspall. Clinical Psychologist.

Josefina Molina. Lawyer.

Joan Carles Capdevila. Musician.

Theo Jaskolkowski. Musician.