“You Can Too” was born out of something seemingly intangible – a feeling.

One morning about 8 years ago, I read the headline news in the newspaper
“One child dies of hunger every 3 seconds”.

As a mother of two small boys at the time, I was really affected by what I had read and I felt the pain and suffering that the mothers who lost their children to famine. I was determined to find out what I could do to help, regardless of how small it was and as a result the “You Can Too” story was born.

I began to write a story for my two boys, Marc and Pol, and who helped me with their ideas and opinions.
Soon afterwards my son Pol insisted that we go out for lunch in a restaurant in Barcelona where, quite by chance, an old friend who I had not seen for a long time was also having lunch, Dr. Eduard Estivill.
Sandra loved the story and she contacted Núria Cabutí, from Random House Mondadori Editorial, to be the editor.
With the story at the printers, my older son, Marc, suggested that Barcelona Football Club could be the perfect sponsor for the project.

I thought it was a good idea and began to contact the football club. It was not easy at first, but with the help of Lluís Reverter, from the Caixa Foundation, Jil Van Eyle, Frank Rijkaard’s PA and, once again, Eduard Estivill, Joan Laporta arranged to see me in his office. He only had 5 minutes but when I started to tell the story we spent more than an hour together and by the end of the meeting he was asking what Barça could do to help.

On 4th December 2006, and thanks to the generous help of a friend of mine, Carles Sans, from the theatre group Tricicle, and Edu Pericas, the then manager of the Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona, we presented the book to 500 children from the city and with the support of Joan Laporta, Frank Rijkaard, Carles Puyol, Txiki Begueristain, Judit Mascó, Nina, Eduard Estivil and many others who joined the event.
Marta Segú and Cristina González from the Barcelona Football Club Foundation also gave their help and support.



Bit by bit – or drop by drop – the book passed through different schools in Barcelona until one day in 2011 I met up again with Jordi Comellas, the film and television producer who had been present at the event that had taken place in the Poliorama Theatre. I shared with him my idea of making a documentary about how the project could be applied in a school and help spread the idea and he accepted the challenge.
Shortly afterwards, the schools was chosen – Agora Sant Cugat International School in Sant Cugat del Vallès.
Thanks to a friend of mine, Constanza Echevarría, I met a teacher from Agora Sant Cugat International School called Lourdes Barnola, who shared the story with the rest of school and encouraged other teachers and children to participate in the initiative.
From here, the You Can Too Team was formed.

Manuel Mira, the documentary director who filmed in the School, joined the team with the help of Marc Galcerà, Anaïs Llàcer and Montse Giménez.
Afterwards Joan-Lluís Arruga, who made the video clip, joined us along with Joaquim Oristrell, who directed the first part of the documentary about Hunger, and finally Ferran Armengol, who directed the explanation of the story with children from all over the world and thanks to the collaboration of Acnur, and with its ambassador, Jesús Vázquez, and the generosity of María Jesús Vega, Head of External Relations and Communication.
Roció Oliver and the Bamba Project, which is improving children’s lives in the orphanage in Kenya, and with the help of Alex Ferrer presented their project to Agora Sant Cugat International School. Students decided to make the Bamba Project their chosen international project with the help of the Primary 4, 5 and 6 Coordinator, Nuri Samper, and Mamen Neria, one of the P5 teachers in the School and a personal friend of Roció Oliver.

The You Can Too family of robin redbreasts continued to grow –
Jordi Martí and Andreu Ferrer created the first You Can Too and documentary web pages as well as the project logo and image, together with the creator of the final web page alongside Mar Galindo who joined the project to help spread the project to different schools.


Other people who have helped along the way –
Josefina Molina, Juanjo Sánchez, Nono Arruga, Maria Pérez, Miquel Benavent, Reyes Raspall, Helena Codorniu, Noemí and Ivó.
Paul Gasol and Jordi Juncosa, his friend and representative, have brought their drops of inspiration as well as Tricicle, Theo Jaskolkowski and Argi Ibáñez, who composed and wrote the music and words to the You Can Too song with other musicians David Palau and Carlos Torregrossa.
Vicenç Gandol, Director of Agora Sant Cugat International School, Rosa Conde, Infant and Primary Coordinator, Ruth Sale, English Immersion Coordinator, and all the School’s teaching staff – Eli, Júlia, Eugènia, Isabel, Carol, Montse, Laura, Natàlia, Martin, to name just a few.
When we were all overloaded with work for the documentary and web pages, Montse Baldrich joined us to help in coordinating everything with Bélen Alemnay as documentary producer assistant and Gisela Sin with communication.
It is everyone – adults, children and young people – who have joined together on this You Can Too magical adventure. Other schools have also joined us – Escola Mediterrània, where we flimed the story being told, and Turó Blau, for the video clip, with the support of Jordi Vidal and Víctor Cuadros for the sound and the powerful voice in off of Mercè Sampietro.
María Dolores Martínez, Luisa Granero, Enric Galcerà and, of course, my sons Marc and Pol, who have given their total support. Every single robin redbreast who forms a part of this great family have given their hard work, time, energy, heart and illusion to this project without receiving a cent in return.
Without the drops of everyone, this great human river would not have been created and now it is flowing into an ocean of hope to put out fires of poverty and hunger for the deprived and educate the more favoured so that they can do something to re-establish the balance.

THANK YOU to you all, for everything you have done, are doing and will do for making this dream a reality.

P.S. Please forgive if I have forgotten anybody –send me an email or WhatsApp so that I can add you to this great list of thank yous!