Welcome to the You Can Too Project!

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Feeling and experimenting is the key to becoming aware.

Our Project enables children and young people and their teachers to acquire the tools to awaken their ability to empathise and be aware to the needs of others through values and other subject areas.
“You Can Too” Project offers schools a way of getting students to investigate and decide upon which local and international causes they would like to support. With hard work and a little bit of sacrifice the possibility of being able to change other children’s lives can become a reality.
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If you are a school that is interested and want to involve your students by adding their drop of water, we invite you to complete the following steps:

You can also send an email to

1. Send the form with your personal details:

Contact person



Name of school


2. Once we have received your form, we consider you are interested in participating in the robin redbreast team and contact you to offer you the Project free of charge.

3. The only thing we ask is that school give us some kind of feedback information at the end of the academic year about how the project was implemented – process, results, images etc. In this way, the You Can Too Project aims to create a community of participating schools to demonstrate that children and young people really can improve the world.